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Names, Times and Addresses of All Colleges Attended

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If you attended more than one high school, you need to include only the school from which you graduated.

If you were enrolled in more than one program at an institution (e.g., undergraduate and graduate), create a separate entry for each program. Please request separate transcripts for your undergraduate and graduate programs

Transcript Requests

Transcript Requests


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For the University of Iowa:

A transcript request will look like the one at left

The University of Iowa does not use AMCAS-approved PDF transcript services, so you can request a mailed transcript by clicking the button below:

Make sure to attach the AAMC Transcript Request Form (like the one at left) to your online transcript request!

When Do I Have to Send a Transcript?

Transcript Exceptions


Canadian CEGEP or Grade 13 Program

Current/future coursework (spring, summer, fall)

Multiple degree or consortium/cross registration program with no separate transcript available

Foreign Institution or Study abroad program sponsored by a U.S., U.S. territorial, or Canadian institution—Credits transferred

Other Foreign Institution—No Credits transferred

Require Transcripts

College-level courses attempted while in high school, even if the courses did not count toward a degree at any college

Colleges at which you originally attempted a course, even if the credit was subsequently transferred to and accepted by another school

Colleges where you registered but did not earn any credit (e.g., incompletes, withdrawals, failures, audits)

Courses that did not count toward a degree, regardless of whether credit was earned or transferred

Extension programs through which you attempted courses, if a separate transcript is provided by the extension division

Correspondence and home study programs

Military education

American colleges overseas

U.S., U.S. Territorial, and Canadian medical schools

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