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Up-to-Date College Transcripts

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AMCAS automatically populates this space with the colleges and universities you listed in the Schools Attended section

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The AMCAS year begins with summer and ends with spring. Courses taken in the summer should be entered with the next academic year, even if your institution considers them in the previous academic year.

Assign HS status to college-level courses taken before the high school graduation date you entered in the Schools Attended section, regardless of the physical location of the college-level course. This does not include AP, Exempt, or CLEP credit

If you have a significant number of AP or college-level coursework credits before entering college, you may list your entire first college year as FR status.

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Courses for a bachelor’s degree earned in two years should be assigned statuses of FR and SR.

Courses for a bachelor’s degree earned in three years should be assigned statuses of FR, SO, and SR.

Make sure to enter the course name in English and the course number exactly as it appears on the official transcript

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Enter the grade, symbol, or notation exactly as it appears on your official transcript from the institution where you attempted the course.

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Special Course Types

Advance Placement

  • Credit hours must be listed on your transcript

  • AP courses should be entered under the term in which the college credit was initially granted

    • If no term is designated, include the credits with freshman coursework (FR)

  • Include AP credit courses only once, even though AP credit for the same subject may have been awarded by more than one institution

    • AP courses may be assigned under the institution awarding the most credit

  • If AP credits appear in one block on the transcript, distribute the credit appropriately among the AP exams taken.

  • If the transcript from the college awarding AP credit does not list course names, enter the subject area for which credit was earned (e.g., AP Credit: English) as the Course Name


  • Use for any courses you are currently taking or expect to take before entering medical school

  • Especially important if you have not yet completed medical school prerequisites

  • Current/Future entries are not binding or required but are intended to give medical schools an indication of what courses you expect to complete before matriculation

  • Do not have to appear on a transcript to be entered in Coursework

Combined Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

  • The graduate-level coursework will count toward a graduate degree and should be listed under graduate status at the time the courses were attempted

  • The undergraduate-level coursework should be assigned the appropriate undergraduate status (FR, SO, JR, SR).

Military Credit

  • For courses in which a non-alpha grade was received (i.e., pass/fail grades or credit awarded) at a U.S., U.S. Territorial, or Canadian military institution

  • ROTC courses are not considered military credit


  • Applies to each completed attempt for any course attempted more than once, unless the final grade initially received was Withdrawal or Incomplete

  • A course entry must be made for each completed attempt of a repeated course, even if any mention of enrollment in the course has been removed from the transcript

    • AMCAS includes all attempts of repeated courses in GPA calculations, even if they are not included in schools’ GPA calculations

  • If you take a college-level course for which you already have been granted AP credit by the same institution, AMCAS considers the course a Repeat.

  • Do not select Repeat for courses designed to be repeated (e.g., independent study, thesis, chorus).

Study Abroad

Attended a School Accredited by the United States or Canada

Courses Attempted Independently (not through a Study Abroad Program)

Study Abroad Program Sponsored by an Organization Other than a U.S. or Canadian Institution

  • Not considered foreign institutions

  • Transcripts from these schools are required

  • Courses should be listed in AMCAS materials in the same way that all other coursework is listed.

  • Must be listed if the credit has been transferred to a U.S. or Canadian institution by using a credit hour system convertible to semester hours

  • Courses attempted independently at a foreign institution do not have to be listed if credit has not been transferred to a U.S. or Canadian institution, except to meet medical school prerequisites unduplicated by other listed coursework

  • List both the study abroad organization and the U.S. or Canadian institution that granted you credit for your study abroad coursework in the Schools Attended section

  • Select Study Abroad Program where appropriate

  • You must request a transcript exception for the study abroad organization and select Foreign Institution or study abroad program sponsored by U.S., U.S. territorial, or Canadian institution—Credits transferred.

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