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AACOMAS: Schools Attended


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List of Schools Attended with Dates

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High Schools

If you attended multiple high schools, only list the high school that you graduated and received a high school diploma from.

If you attended a high school outside of the United States, select International.

If you received your GED, list GED as the name of the high school you attended, and the city/state which awarded your GED degree.

Report all institutions attended, including but not limited to:

  • courses taken in high school for college or university credit

  • summer courses

  • community college courses

  • US military academies (note that this does not include courses on SMART or JST transcripts)

  • post-baccalaureate, graduate, and doctoral work

  • study abroad, Canadian, and foreign work

  • coursework that was transferred to another institution

Report each institution only once, regardless of the number of degrees earned or gaps in the dates of attendance.

Transcript Requests


Transcript Requests

For the University of Iowa:

A transcript request will look like the one at left

The University of Iowa does not use AACOMAS-approved PDF transcript services, so you can request a mailed transcript by clicking the button below:

Make sure to attach the AACOMAS Transcript Request Form (like the one at left) to your online transcript request!

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