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D.O. Medical Schools

Things to Consider When Choosing Medical Schools to Apply to:

  • requirements of each school as compared to your credentials (GPA, MCAT, course requirements, etc)

  • citizenship requirements

  • legal residence restrictions

  • the cost of application (including AACOMAS fees, secondary application fees, costs associated with interviewing, and acceptance deposits)

  • location (rural vs urban vs suburban, distance from family)

  • diversity of the school

  • mission of the school (service-oriented vs research oriented)

  • affiliated hospitals where clinicals are held (most D.O. schools don't have their own hospital and thus go to other hospital, both local and farther away)

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D.O. 2023

This is a highly personal part of the application process, so my method may not be what works for everyone. I looked at curriculum structures, campus culture, programs offered, location, and many other categories when selecting schools to apply to. Ultimately, I picked the one that exhibited most of my preferences and where I felt most connected during my interviews.  

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A unique part of the AACOMAS primary application is once you select your medical schools, you also complete so typical parts of AMCAS secondary applications.

For example, at left is the view once you select Des Moines University. AACOMAS then has you select what parts of your course work meet DMU's prerequisite course requirements AND answer DMU's secondary questions before you submit your application.

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