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Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Reasons to Go to SI:

  • Helps you get study material, learn from and with your peers and overall better performance in your class

    • This improves your GPA for the Course Work section of your medical school applications!​

  • Helps you build relationships with peers in your class

    • This makes it easier to form study groups and make friends

Tips for Going to SI:

  • Bring your notes and take notes during the session of the questions they ask and your answers

    • This helps so when you look back after the session you can review the material again and test yourself over it

    • This also helps you to see the patterns in how the SI instructors and your peers are studying the material so you can learn more effective studying strategies

  • Be prepared to actively participate!

    • Most SI sessions involve group activities, discussion, adn games so be ready to work with your peers!​

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes!

    • Participation is key, so try your best, work through the difficult problems ​and ask a lot of questions

    • Everyone makes mistakes, they help you and everyone else learn

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