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What is TMDSAS?

The State of Texas mandates that a max 10% of their class can come from out-of-state. Therefore, it is beneficial for them to have a centralized system of Texas applicants to choose from. This is why most medical schools in Texas use Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Services (TMDSAS) as a portal for their admissions process.

If you are out-of-state, you may not want to waste your time filling out the TMDSAS. The exception to this would be if you really wanted to go to one of those ten schools.

If you are a Texas resident, you have a particular advantage applying to Texas medical schools.

What's the difference?



For medical schools across the U.S.

Exclusively for Texas medical and dental schools

University of Iowa and 155 other schools

Personal statement is 5,300 character limit (including spaces)

Texas A&M and 9 other schools

Personal statement is 5,000 character limit (including spaces)

Essays include one personal statement and two additional essays only if applying to MD/PhD programs

All applicants must complete three essays: regular personal statement + personal characteristics essay + unique circumstances/life experiences essay

Allows you to list 15 work/activities, with 3 being labeled "Most Meaningful"

Allows you to list as many work/activities as you want (including future activities), with 3 being labeled "Most Meaningful"

700 characters to describe each activity + 1,325 characters to discuss "Most Meaningful" experiences

300 characters to describe each activity + 500 characters to discuss "Most Meaningful" experiences

Allows up to 10 letters of recommendation

Requires 3 letters of recommendation, and allows one extra letter

Cost is based on which schools you apply to and how many

Flat rate cost of $150 for all 10 medical schools

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