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Take it one step at a time when starting new activities and start thinking about leadership opportunities in those activities in the future!


Seek out leadership roles and identify letter writers who you've built a relationship with!


Enjoy your senior year and time at the University of Iowa!

How to join

  1. Fill out the interest form below under the Join Our Email list tab. 

  2. Email about paying the $10 dues 

  3. Keep in the loop with all our events by joining our email list and following us on social media!

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D.O. 2023

This is not an easy path, but it will be worth it. If you face difficulties in your journey to medical school, do not give up – learn from those lessons and keep trying. Keep reminding yourself why you want to go into medicine, believe in yourself, and do your best!


Medicus is built to provide undergraduate students with the ability to experience the medical field first hand. We also encourage study groups and tips for studying as a science major.


Every year, students get the opportunity to ask questions and connect with current medical students and a variety of physicians. Our social events also offers support and interaction with Medicus peers.


Students will learn different ways to get involved around campus through research, volunteering, and so much more. There are also opportunities to tour medical schools and explore career options.


Medicus wants all of its members to be successful. Whether that means deciding a major, getting into a research lab, or getting into medical school; Medicus will be a pre-med student's best resource.

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